We're excited to introduce you to Artemis Shooting Sports & Training Academy, your new destination for unparalleled firearm excitement. Nestled within these walls is a fresh vision for the world of shooting sports, a place where innovation, safety, and community come together to create an extraordinary experience.
Our mission is clear: to provide you with top-tier facilities and services that cater to every shooter, from beginners to seasoned marksmen. We're dedicated to promoting responsible firearm ownership, safety, and the sheer thrill of precision shooting.
Our passionate team is here to guide you through this thrilling journey, ensuring that every moment spent with us is memorable and safe. Artemis Shooting Sports & Training Academy is your new hub for all things firearm-related and where expertise meets innovation.
We invite you to step inside our doors, meet our team, and experience the future of firearm sports, where excellence and excitement unite to create a shooting experience like no other!

Welcome to the new era of excellence in firearm sports – welcome to
Artemis Shooting Sports & Training Academy!

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