Why Artemis?

The ancient Greek goddess Artemis, though separated by millennia, resonates with the modern hunter, marksman and shooter. While firearms and gun ranges were far from existence in her time, the essence of Artemis, the deity of hunting, wilderness, and archery, subtly weaves its way into the world of modern shooting. Like Artemis, those who venture in the field, the range or to serve, are on a quest for precision, discipline, and a connection to the primal essence of their skill. This symbolic intersection of Artemis and modern shooting reminds us that the pursuit of excellence and responsibility in firearm handling transcends epochs and, in its own way, pays homage to the timeless attributes of a goddess, who once roamed the untamed wilderness.



Artemis, the Greek goddess of hunting and wilderness, connects marksmen and hunters across millennia:

  1. Goddess of Hunting: Artemis was primarily known as the goddess of hunting.  As a worshiped hunter her skills included steal, knowledge of fest and field and marksmanship much the way those skills are required in today’s settings.
  2. Marksmanship: Artemis was often depicted as a marksman, albeit with bow and arrow. The discipline and precision required for modern shooting demands the same focus, control, and accuracy.
  3. Wilderness and Nature: Artemis was also associated with the wilderness and nature. Modern hunters and marksmen continue to have a connection with our environment and the creatures that inhabit it and are at the forefront of wildlife conservation much as Artemis in her time was.
  4. Protector of Women: Artemis was considered a protector of women and a symbol of female empowerment. In world where hunting and shooting are growing fastest among females and audiences who wish to cultivate and serve through the responsible use of firearms, fostering self-reliance and personal security.
  5. Safety and Discipline: Artemis was a goddess associated with discipline and order in the wilderness. Similarly, we emphasize strict safety protocols, rules, and discipline to ensure a safe and controlled environment for any type of shooting activity.

While the historical connection between Artemis and the modern shooting sports may be indirect, her qualities and mythology can be metaphorically linked to the principles and activities associated with responsible firearm training, marksmanship, hunting and security in current day.


  1. Focus and Concentration: Artemis was often depicted as intensely focused, particularly during hunting. The same level of concentration is required by all modern shooters to ensure safety and accuracy.
  2. Independence and Self-Reliance: Artemis was known for her independence and self-reliance, and she often roamed the wilderness alone. Similarly, individuals who hone their shooting, tactical, hunting, and medical skills in our facility, often do so to enhance their self-reliance and personal safety skills, gaining confidence in their ability to operate in the wilderness and protect themselves and others.
  3. Precision and Skill Development: Artemis was celebrated for her precision and exceptional skills in hunting. Through our facility training and education, we develop tactical, medical, safety skills to achieve a high level of precision and accuracy with firearms.
  4. Protector of Wildlife: Artemis was also considered a protector of wildlife. In a modern context, responsible hunters and shooters have a deep respect for wildlife and adhere to conservation principles. They use their skills to ethically and sustainably harvest game.
  5. Connection to Moon and Night: Artemis was associated with the moon and the night. We also train in the use of night and thermal vision to successfully operate in night tactical and hunting scenarios where it is legal, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and skill diversification.


Welcome to Artemis Shooting Sports & Training Academy, the modern-day goddess of the hunt!