Firearms and Ammunition Transfers

Artemis Shooting Sports & Training Academy is happy to accept firearms and ammunition transfers.
Please read our transfers policy below for instructions.

** Email ALL transfer information to **


  • First Firearm: $75
  • Additional Firearms: $35 for EACH additional firearm within the same shipment
  • Firearms Storage Charge: $50 for transferred long guns that are not collected within 10 days
  • Ammo: $25 per case, effective starting on 11/27/23
  • Additional Ammo: $15 for EACH additional case within the same shipment, effective starting on 11/27/23
  • Ammo Storage Charge: $10 per week for transferred ammo that is not collected within 7 days*, effective starting on 11/27/23

    *There will be no additional charge for an ammo background check delay.


Click the PDF to download a printable copy of ARTEMIS' FFL (Federal Firearms License)




Artemis Arms LLC provides person to person services to facilitate private sales.

  • Firearm transfers for non-Artemis members are subject to the transfer fee of $75 for the first handgun, and $35 for additional handguns in the same shipment.
  • Firearm transfers for non-Artemis members are subject to the transfer fee of $75 for long guns: rifles and shotguns, and $60 for additional long guns in the same shipment.
  • Members of Artemis Shooting Sports & Training Academy are charged a reduced fee. Please check your membership guidelines for more information.
  • All transfers require a $9 non-refundable background check.

A transferred firearm MUST meet all requirements of NYS and Federal law, and must be shipped with the following:

  • An operational gun lock that works for that firearm (see more below).
  • An appropriate gun case for that firearm.
  • A copy of the transferrer's FFL (the transferring FFL will also need a copy of Artemis’s FFL in the link above).

Firearms must be shipped via UPS, FedEx or a similar insured, reputable carrier that procides tracking information to the customer.

DO NOT SHIP FIREARMS VIA THE POST OFFICE. It is Artemis’ policy NOT to accept firearms shipped by USPS. Any firearm so arriving is subject to a $100 PENALTY and may be returned to the sender. Please do NOT violate this rule as we are unable to guarantee the security of firearms so shipped.

It is the customer’s responsibility to make ALL arrangements with the transferring FFL, including:

  • Delivery of required documents.
  • Payment of shipping costs.
  • Emailed notification to Artemis Arms LLC of any firearm transfer prior to its arrival at our premises. Please put the name of the transferee in the subject line to:

A phone call to Artemis is NOT necessary, NOR is it sufficient.

The email notification MUST include:

  • The make/model and SERIAL NUMBER of the firearms being transferred.
  • All contact information (company name, company contact name, address, daytime phone number) for the transferring FFL.
  • All contact information (name, address, daytime phone number) for the customer requesting the transfer.

PLEASE DO NOT CALL to double-check your gun’s arrival. You must rely on information provided to you by your shipping company.

This means DO NOT come the same day it arrives as it will NOT be ready – we have paperwork to do for you.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ascertain whether the firearm has arrive by contacting the shipping company and to claim the firearm from Artemis Shooting Sports & Training Academy within the specific time limits as outlined below.



Transferred firearms must be picked-up from Artemis Shooting Sports & Training Academy by close of the tenth (10th) business day after arrival on our premises.

  • Transferred firearms NOT picked-up within allotted ten (10) day time period are subject to a $10 a day storage fee every day thereafter.
  • Transferred long guns NOT CLAIMED WITHIN THIRTY (30) DAYS of arrival will be considered ABANDONED.



EACH handgun purchased for the purpose of obtaining a pistol license is subject to a $50 storage fee while the customer is waiting to obtain the license. Because of the NYS pistol permit amendment process, handguns purchased as an addition to an existing gun license will NOT be assessed a storage free while the customer is waiting for the amended license.

  • Handguns NOT picked-up within ninety (90) days of receiving the amended license are subject to a $10 a day storage fee.

  • Handguns NOT CLAIMED WITHIN ONE (1) YEAR of receiving the amended license will be considered ABANDONED, UNLESS you contact for other arrangements.


Once a firearm is considered abandoned, Artemis Arms LLC reserves the right to possess and sell the firearm at no further recompense to the customer.


If a firearm does not meet NYS or Federal law, it will be returned to the transferring FFL at the customer’s cost and may be reported to the proper authorities. If a firearm is not shipped with a gunlock or gun case, one must be supplied by the customer or purchased from Artemis Shooting Sports & Training Academy before the firearm can leave store premises.


By shipping a firearm to Artemis Arms LLC, it means that you understand and accept the transfer policy as put forth in this policy.


** Email ALL transfers information to **